Nunes v. Rushton

I am handling a wild copyright infringement case for prominent Utah author Rachel Ann Nunes. As of the date of this post, the case is still pending. I don't comment much on active cases, but here's a few interesting articles:

The Atlantic, "Plagiarism in the Age of Self Publishing"

The Salt Lake City Weekly, "Ripped and Ravaged"

AP story that ran in numerous places shortly after the underlying incident

Please support Rachel's case by donating to her Go Fund Me campaign!

Jury Trial: A.R. v. North Eastern Services, Inc.

Our client, A.R., was just four years old when she was sexually assaulted at the workplace of North Eastern Services, Inc. ("NES") by an NES employee. NES is a government contractor that is paid substantial sums of taxpayer money to care for people with disabilities. NES's employee was a meth addict who had previously been fired by one of NES's competitors for sexually abusive conduct.

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Jury Trial: Ma v. Sambongi, et al.

This case was about a failed real estate development. The plaintiff was a Japanese investor who lost approximately $3.7 million. Our clients, the developers on the ground here in Utah, are great guys who did everything they could to save the project under very difficult circumstances. The project failed for reasons beyond their control: 

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Gay v. Azomite, Inc.

I love a good legal thriller. I love shows about briefcase Davids standing tall against governments, corporations, and other modern-day Goliaths. I love working in a profession they make movies about. Shows about lawyers are good at capturing big themes. Justice. Mercy. The nature of evil. Courage in the face of adversity. What courtroom dramas rarely capture well: the grind of our justice system. How slow it moves. How tedious it is. How few and far between the moments of true drama really are. How hard the system is on the “officers of the court” who keep its wheels turning.

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Bishop v. Reminderband, Inc., et al.

This was a battle over a corporation called Reminderband, Inc. Our clients were the Reminderband venture’s two original founders. They successfully identified, sourced, and marketed a lucrative fad product: customized silicone bracelets. Subsequently, the same folks had a similar success with accessories for iPods, iPhones, and the like. I genuinely enjoyed getting to know these guys: creative people, risk takers, hard workers, and true entrepreneurs.

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Shawn Bailey for the United States of America

I was fresh out of law school. This was 2003. I had just passed the bar and moved across the country from Utah to Washington, DC. The United States Department of Justice had hired me through its honors program to serve as a trial attorney.  I was assigned to the Commercial Litigation Branch of the Civil Division, the "jack of all trades" DOJ office that handles cases for the federal government that do not neatly fit into the missions of the other DOJ offices.

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